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Build Great WebXR Experiences

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Developer Session

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This talk will cover the engines, content pipelines and tools that are available to help you make high quality and high performance WebXR experiences. You’ll also see the unveiling of a new WebXR case study app that is being open sourced to provide a hands-on example of how to build a VR app for the browser.


  • DM Liao

    Software Engineer (They/Them)

    DM Liao is a software engineer working on the Reality Labs web platform team with a focus on WebXR and 3D experiences. They are also a long-time indie game developer who has built experimental and unique games across web and native platforms.



    DM Liao
  • Scott Nagy

    Software Engineer (He/Him)

    Scott Nagy has been building 3D experiences for 20 years. He's worked on engines, games, tools, pipelines, 3D formats, and is now working with the Reality Labs web platform team to help advance the state of 3D on the web.



    Scott Nagy

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