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Creating a Sport for the Metaverse

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Developer Session

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The ball is in your court! Hear from Max Weisel, founder of Normal, as he breaks down his latest VR esport title: Nock. An archery game that's designed to be a sport of the metaverse. Learn about his early iterations on building the next VR esport and the behind-the-scenes prototypes it took to get to release on the Meta Quest Store. Max will share how he and his team foster a community of players to grow their thriving community. You’ll also get a peek at what’s next as they expand the game into a professional sport.
  • Max Weisel

    Creator, Nock (He/Him)

    Max Weisel is a New York-based entrepreneur and artist. He's collaborated with musicians Björk and Lady Gaga, and his work is in the NY Museum of Modern Art permanent collection. His RelativeWave studio was acquired by Google in 2014, and his current studio, Normal, created esport title Nock.


    Normal VR

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