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Avatars are a core part of your identity. How you customize and style your avatar is key to how you express and represent yourself. In this session, we’ll discuss the avatars commerce space, including key industry trends, consumer perspectives and the role Meta Avatars Store can play to ensure the ecosystem is both authentic and inclusive. We’ll also share what’s next for the store and discuss the role creators and developers play in co-creating the future of the metaverse with us.


  • Ara Parikh

    Product Marketing Manager (She/Her)

    Ara Parikh is a product marketing manager of the avatars and identity team at Meta. She previously led growth at a VR/AR startup, developed ads products at Meta, and consulted on long-term strategy for Fortune 500 companies. Ara graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s in economics.



    Ara Parikh
  • Claire Yao

    Product Manager (She/Her)

    Claire Yao is a product manager on the avatars and identity team at Meta, supporting efforts on VR and Meta technologies. She's built products for Facebook Communities, Dating, and Instagram Shopping, and helped launch new programs and funds at Airbnb and Goldman Sachs.



    Claire Yao
  • Jamie She

    User Experience Researcher (Any Pronouns)

    Jamie She is a metaverse avatars and identity user experience researcher. Her current work focuses on how people want to represent themselves in the metaverse and how avatar's wearables empower people to curate dynamic narratives of who they are and what they care about in the digital world.



    Jamie She
  • Tyler Hopf

    Design Manager (He/Him)

    Tyler Hopf is a design manager on the avatars and identity team at Meta. He has worked in technology and architecture at IrisVR, Diller Scofidio, Samsung, and Framestore. Tyler graduated from Princeton University with a master's in architecture and taught VR Design and the School of Visual Arts in NYC.



    Tyler Hopf

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