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Meta Quest Store & Monetization

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Developer Session

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In this session, you’ll learn about how you can use the Meta Quest Store to monetize with subscriptions and in-app purchases. We’ll review subscriptions best practices, showing platform toolkits to drive user acquisition and reduce churn. We’ll also cover sales and pricing bundles and what’s coming next on our roadmap.


  • Andrea Russell

    Product Manager (She/Her)

    Andrea Russell works in VR, building a magical, monetizable store where users can find apps and games they love. She has worked in tech for the past nine years. Prior to joining Meta, she worked on retail and commerce at Google.



    Andrea Russell
  • Drew Venegas

    Product Manager

    Drew Venegas is a distribution PM at Meta. Prior to Meta he held a sales position with Apple retail. He's launched dozens of App Stores, hundreds of global marketing campaigns, and led product development for some of the most popular apps and services in the mobile and VR industries.



    Drew Venegas
  • Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

    Product Manager (He/Him)

    Yuriy Zhovtobryukh is a product manager at Reality Labs, leading Monetization, Commerce and Checkout experiences. His goal is to help developers build thriving businesses and users enjoy their buying experience in VR. Prior to joining Meta, Yuriy was director of product at Salesforce.



    Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

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