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Meta Avatars SDK | Latest Developments and Learnings for Integrating Avatars

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The Meta Avatars SDK is a great way for developers to add social presence to their app experience today through expressive avatars. Learn about the latest SDK developments available today and coming soon - and as a special treat, watch our partners Golf +, Lucky VR, and FitXR join us for a panel on their own experience integrating the Meta Avatars SDK.


  • Dariush Zarezadeh

    CTO (He/Him)

    Dariush Zarezadeh was enthralled with VR and switched career paths to dive into it headfirst from the Oculus DK1. After launching an asymmetrical multiplayer title for PC, Dariush joined the team at Lucky VR as CTO where he is working towards creating the de facto social gaming space in the metaverse.


    Lucky VR

    Dariush Zarezadeh
  • Meghan Rolfe

    UX Researcher (She/Her)

    Dr. Meghan Rolfe is the lead UX researcher on the Developer Ecosystems team, who focuses on understanding how we can integrate avatars and identity across the metaverse. Meghan has led global research projects to develop long-term and short-term company strategies across a range of industries.



    Meghan Rolfe
  • Prachy Mohan

    Product Manager (She/Her)

    Prachy Mohan is a Meta product manager on the Avatar SDK team, focusing on driving developer adoption and success with Meta Avatars.



    Prachy Mohan
  • Ryan Engle

    Founder and CEO (He/Him)

    Ryan Engle is the Austin, Texas-based founder and CEO of GOLF+. Ryan started playing golf at age 11 and programming at age 13. GOLF+'s mission is to double the size of golf by making it more accessible.



    Ryan Engle
  • Yagiz Hatay

    Senior Software Engineer (He/Him)

    Yagiz Hatay is a computer engineer who is passionate about immersive and interactive experiences. As an engineer at FitXR, he contributes to the company's mission to make working out accessible and fun for all. For the past nine years, he's been developing VR experiences and video games.



    Yagiz Hatay

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