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Building Immersive Voice Driven Experiences with Presence Platform

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Developer Session

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The Voice SDK enables Developers to create immersive user experiences by building the power of Voice into apps and gameplay. In this session, you’ll see what our Partners have built with Voice SDK, learn about our latest feature developments, and find out how to start building with us today.


  • Aaron Jackson

    Software Engineer (He/Him)

    Aaron Jackson is a software engineer at Meta, working on voice integrations in VR. In 2021, Aaron began working on Voice SDK and, with his team, brings immersive voice interactions into VR. In his free time, he enjoys 3D printing, building small games, and live-streaming game development.



    Aaron Jackson
  • Donny Dinh

    Technical Director

    Donny Dinh is the technical director at Digital Lode Immersive Media. Based in Melbourne Australia, he has over 14 years experience in the gaming industry, working for companies such as Electronic Arts, and has developed the highly acclaimed titles - Real Racing and Flight Control. He is passionate about making accessible games, particularly in the VR & AR space, and values diversity in games and in the workplace. Donny is also a hiking enthusiast and Lego addict! Digital Lode's latest game, Espire 2, is a VR stealth action game releasing on Meta Quest 2 late 2022.


    Digital Lode

    Donny Dinh
  • Julien Odent

    Software Engineer (He/Him)

    Julien Odent has been a software engineer at Meta since the acquisition of in 2015. Since then, he's been devoted to driving its mission of bringing natural language experiences to everyone.



    Julien Odent
  • Rachel Choi

    Product Manager (She/Her)

    Rachel Choi is a product manager at Reality Labs, focused on the AI assistant ecosystem. Prior to Meta, Rachel drove growth across Amazon retail fashion brands and Amazon Web Services Partner Network programs. She's passionate about developing partner relations and driving success together.



    Rachel Choi

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