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Building Natural Hands Experiences with Presence Platform

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Developer Session

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For Everyone

Learn about the latest in natural inputs and interactions. Explore new capabilities we’re bringing to Hand Tracking with Hands 2.1. Find out how you can get started with Interaction SDK to build magical experiences like  First Hand  .


  • Danny Yaroslavski

    Software Engineer (He/Him)

    Danny Yaroslavski is a software engineer at Reality Labs. He works on AR/VR inputs and third-party frameworks. He's worked in multiple verticals, including video games, education, 3D applications, and health care. He is a big believer in VR for creativity, social connection, and learning.



    Danny Yaroslavski
  • Randi Cabezas

    Research Scientist Manager (He/Him)

    Randi Cabezas is a research scientist manager at Reality Labs, focused on hand pose estimation for virtual reality headsets. He worked on the original release of Hands for Meta Quest and the recent Hands 2.0 update. His research interests include human pose estimation and computer vision.



    Randi Cabezas

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